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Schools of Visva Bharati Universiry ...

Mrinalini Ananda Pathsala :

Founded in 1954 it was named after Rabindranath Tagore's wife Mrinalini Devi. It is a preparatory school for Patha Bhavana. It is housed in the Notun Bari and Dehali.

Santosh Pathsala

Founded in 1988 it is kindergarten school named after Santosh Chandra Majumdar. It is a preparatory school for Shiksha Shastra.

Shiksha Shatra

It was founded in 1924. It was later shifted to Sriniketan in 1927. The students of this school are from the neighbouring villages.

Patha Bhavana

It is not only the oldest school of the university, but also the oldest institution on which the university was subsequently built. It is the university school of Santiniketan. Initially called Ashram Vidyalaya it was also later called Santiniketan Vidyalaya. It was founded by Tagore in 1901. This is a co-educational school. Open air classrooms and emphasis upon oriental learning is its unique features. The school, being the nucleus of the university and the town is within the Santiniketan Ashram. The school was first started with four students. Tagore's son Rathindranath Tagore was one of them. The first Upacharya of the university was Sudhi Ranjan Das, a Chief Justice of India. Amartya Sen, the future Nobel Laureate in economics completed his school education from this school. So did one of the first Indian Rhodes Scholars, Asim Datta. Supriyo Tagore, a descendant of Satyendranath Tagore, the eldest brother of the poet, was one of its most well known Principals. Tapan Raychaudhuri and Ashim Dasgupta have periodically taken classes here.

Cultures & Festivals

Festivals at Santiniketan

Basanta Utsav

It is a colorful festivals for all Indians and known as Holi. It occurs at the end of winter when spring comes with its beauty. Falgun and Chaitra according to the Bengali calendar is the season of Dol utsav.

Bolpur subdivision is located at south border of Birbhum district. About 150 years ago Bolpur was a small villege under supur porgana. But now it has become an international city. Kalikapur a known place of Bolpur was the origin of the villege in past.

Santiniketan has the distinct identity of culture and heritage, which gives the place a unique soft touch. Santineketan was previously called Bhubandanga (named after Bhuban Dakat, a local dacoit). Tagore family came to be owned this place.

Visva Bharati has two main parts. Srineketan and Santineketan both are consistently called Visva Bharati. The towns and the university are situated not too far away from the river Kopai which flows to the south.